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Milano Unica 2020: 5.0 aesthetic and ancestral tribal sensibilities

This generation of the future, subjected from birth to a massive approach to the 5.0 technology, has developed a cognitive structure, a verbal language and a whole series of social behaviors that have led to the birth of a real tribe in its own right. At the behavioral level, Gen Z, follows the same identical tribal dynamics of the first human communities, making itself the spokesman of sensitizations such as the theme of the environment.

The challenge of Milano Unica is therefore to succeed in emphasizing these concepts, placing them in a perspective that is transmitted as a preponderant factor in corporate and political decisions, in order to guarantee a truly sustainable future for the future generations. Hence the idea of ​​combining 5.0 technology with the aesthetic and the content peculiarities of some tribes from the north to the south of the world, to define a creative and cultural synthesis that relates youth aesthetics with ancestral tribal sensibilities, reported within 3 iconic places, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Papua New Guinea.
A series of 3 macro-trends for the S/S 2021 have therefore been developed:
  • TROPICAL RAVE IN MEXICO CITY that mixes Mexican rituality with the tropical techno music of rave parties. Here nature is the protagonist for prints and colors;
  • INDIAN CHILL OUT IN L.A. able to relate memories of spices and maharaja riches with the passion for waves and the liberating energy of surfing. In this theme the style is decorative, sophisticated with vegan world colors and points of ambient rock transgression;
  • BRITISH CLUBBING IN PAPUA which suggests an ideal comparison between the craftsmanship of the people of the fire and the sartorial tradition typical of English clubs. Comfort and elegance connect and the hybridization between hi-tech fabrics and raw natural fibers underlines the importance of researching materials.

    By Sara Baroni

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